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October 10, 2008



Oh, you poor thing! Two lice infestations in a lifetime is two too many. I'd take a roach infestation over headlice any day -- and if my home ever got roaches I think I'd have to move!!!

I'm with you, chemical burning is too good for those little creatures.

But why am I suddenly so itchy????? EWWWWW! I'll say a prayer for you right now!!!!

Gene Smith

I always figured your husband (don't remember if you use names on here) was a man of immense good taste... And that's the best way to watch the Bourne series - again (and again).


I'm cracking up that I happened upon you today... tomorrow's post over on my blog is all about lice (though this was our first infestation) and my hubby can't believe that I will tell complete strangers that we had the nasty little vermin in our home!


Oh, so sorry. However,

Lice and Roaches (we've dealt with both) pale in comparison to pinworms. They are much, much worse. **shiver** You can't tell if they're gone 'cause they're inside **shiver** at least with lice you can actually see them and tell when they're all gone.

(Thanks for your comment on my blog)

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