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May 04, 2009



OMG...I'm, like, practically roaring. The two girls, are, like, friends with Elizabeth, and, like, they were out of skewl b/c of exams.


I'm mean, that Stalin guy only deported some 3 million people to Siberia and only about half of them ended up dying. I mean like, those are some pretty good ideas, right?


Like fer sure dude!
Scary scary scary, public school is producing morons!

Wendy Fairfull

I didn't realize it was already exam time! At least they weren't truants. I suppose I shouldn't have been so cruel. I was once an 18 year old girl myself.

Gene Smith

This is how we can end up with an Obama, who is essentially a Stalin without the body count. And why are they SENIORS just now learning about these things?


You guys will be encouraged even more to know that these two are amongst the top in their class, and are about to receive the International Baccalaureate diploma, a highly prestigious honor that is recognized world wide.


I give them credit for even knowing the difference between Lenin and Stalin. That's farther along than I ever was in HS. I was really only being a little tongue and cheek. They've got years to figure out that the world and its leaders are more complicated than we ever thought back in HS.

Shawna Lee

I totally like that Lennon guy, too. I mean, like, he was all about, like, "All we need is love," and like imagining all the people and stuff. Dude, he was so rockin'!

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