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June 23, 2009


Gene Smith

You read through the opening of The Donald era, commercial-free, Monday Night Raw? I honestly don't know what to say... (and no, I'm not a wrestling (or is it wrasslin'?) fan, I just watch the USA network most of the day for all of the Law and Order variants and, of course, House - so I saw all of the commercials...)

Noah gets all of his cussin' from Spongebob Squarepants, therefore we get a lot of "Oh Barnacles" and the like...


I also liked the book, can you look up the quote for me where she says about Simon and her being from the same tribe? And him being a magic person (I think) I believe its at the start of the chapter about him. (I read it in a bookstore, and now I can't remember this quote!)


Wendy Fairfull

I can't look up the quote for you. I have already returned the book to the library. Sorry.

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